Hello, I’m Rodrigo Tassinari.

I’m a 40 years old software developer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I also sometimes introduce myself as a Rubyist, a cyclist, a traveler or a former economist. Find out more about me here.

Currently, I work as the CTO at Nuuvem, building the best video games e-commerce in the world and the next generation of web gaming platforms. Previously I was the CTO at Nexaas, where I’ve helped build first-class SaaS solutions to help small and medium businesses manage their operations. Find out more about my work here.

You may also be interested in what I’m focusing on now or getting in contact with me.

These are my Twitter (or X), Mastodon, Instagram, Threads, GitHub, Strava, GoodReads, Letterboxd, Pinboard, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.