What I’m doing now

This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page.

The state of things as of April 2022

Working from home every day since March 2020. My company initially became all-remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but has now fully embraced the remote-first philosophy for the foreseeable future, which is excellent news. I’ve really embraced the home office lifestyle. I’m feeling more productive, more relaxed and generally living a better life without commuting and traffic.

Working hard at Nuuvem, improving our video games e-commerce and exploring new business and technical ventures, especially in the B2B and mobile venues, with the help of a great and growing team.

Trying to get back to cycling and in a good shape after almost two years without cycling. At least, I’m running and lifting weights semi-regularly.

Trying to keep an (almost) daily journal (using Day One) to see if it helps with understanding myself better, especially over time.

Still playing Wordle and Term.ooo every day.