What I do for work


Check out my résumé or curriculum vitae in both english and portuguese (last updated on June 16th 2021).

It’s deliberately short, or minimalist. As a reviewer of many, many résumés over the years I find that long ones are a waste of everybody’s time. I do can provide a detailed one on request, if that’s your thing.

There’s also my profile on LinkedIn, although I rarely check or update it.

My career so far

(in reverse chronological order)

Currently I spend my working hours as the CTO at Nuuvem. We are the biggest video-games e-commerce shop in Brazil and Latin America. Additionally, we are developing a new platform to allow players to enjoy high-quality games through their browsers, without having to install anything on their computers (and soon, their mobile devices).

My main focus is managing a growing team of talented software developers and helping them architect and build solutions for our store, our backoffice processes, our data analytics infrasctructure and our new web gaming platform (and related projects like our first full game being developed in-house), in and agile environment and at a sustainable pace.

We are almost always hiring at Nuuvem, take a look at our open positions or just get in touch if you want to work with me.

I’ve been at Nuuvem since July 2018 and it has been an amazing experience. The company has grown and matured a lot since I’ve joined. I’m especially proud of my contributions to the efforts of improving process documentations, the creation and “indoctrination” of a company-wide knowledge base, the new data warehouse we implemented as a single source of information to all business intelligence and data science analysis, and the general improvements in security and code refactorings we’ve made.

Previously I’ve worked for almost 8 years at Nexaas. I started there in November 2010 (the company was called Myfreecomm then), as a software developer in a 4 person team that was recently assembled to build a new web version of their old, free (ad-based), desktop software for personal finances management. The project (Myfinance) quickly pivoted to be a a SaaS offering targeted at small and medium businesses to help them manage their accounts payable and receivable, bank accounts, cash flow, budgets, and more. I was soon responsible for leading the developers on that team.

Our clients’ needs extended beyond the financial management of their companies, but they weren’t big enough to afford (or didn’t want to use) a big ERP solution. We started building new SaaS systems to help them manage invoicing, billing, accounting, expenses and reimbursements and more. All systems had a centralized authentication and authorization system and were integrated to each other (and to many external systems) through public APIs.

In the end, we had created a modular SaaS ERP which the customer could use only the modules he needed, and even mix and match with their custom existing systems as needed. By this time, I as the CTO of the company, leading a growing team of developers arranged as small squads, one per system. We grew from 4 to almost 40 developers during this time.

From the time I got out of college to the end of 2010 I worked at a small tech consulting firm called Riopro. I started there as an intern on the investing “branch” of the firm, working in the stock market. But soon I was drawn to the tech side of the firm and after some time there I was working full time on building software and became a partner at the company.

At Riopro we had a few custom built systems that we modified to the specific needs of a diverse range of customers, from small ice cream factories to big government-related industrial conglomerates. The main product was a physical asset management solution, but we would also work in all kinds of systems, with a wide range of technology. I really grew and learned lot there.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, check out the contact page. Please to not use LinkedIn to get in touch, I almost never read the messages there.